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7 Great Reasons to Choose Bottom Line’s Train the Trainer


One Program, Many Styles

Our ONE classroom session conveniently covers ALL forklift styles so your training will apply, no matter what you’re driving.

Three-Dimensional model teaching

The instructor will learn to use 5 models to demonstrate the stability triangle, stability pyramid, combined center of gravity, 3 point suspension, pivot pin, fulcrum point, and truck loading/unloading dangers.

Quality Materials

Student materials are ineffective if people don’t read them. Our Operator Books are full COLOR so we keep our students engaged.

Great Tools

Our 31 Piece Teaching Kit is the most effective forklift instructor kit available. You and your students will love it.

Plenty of Practice

Our 1-day “Train the Trainer” workshop gives the new instructor a full 4-hours of presentation time so they have the skills to train with confidence.

Effective Skills

We all know that getting the information across in a meaningful way is the key to great training. That’s why we give new instructors the tools to be successful; giving them 16 fundamental presentation skills to communicate their point and make it stick.

A Lasting Impact

Our effective training approach goes beyond the basics of technical training and compliance. We teach how to create behavior change and develop a safety culture. That way your team not only knows how to get the job done, they also know how to look after the Bottom Line!

One of Bottom Line Training Service’s largest customers has experienced a 57% reduction in forklift incidents, which resulted in a bottom line savings of $101,000 in their first year using our program.