Forklift Operator Training & Train The Trainer

Operator Class 2018 Schedule

January 24

February 21

March 21

April 25

May 23

June 20

July 18

August 22

September 19

October 17

November 14

December 19

Operator Training

Operator Training can be taken in our monthly open enrollment classes in Renton, Washington, or on your site. The classroom presentation and written test take 2 hours to complete. The evaluations of the operators on the equipment take about 15 minutes for experienced operators. Pricing is determined by how many styles of forklifts the student wants certification on.

Train the Trainer Class 2018 Schedule


January 25

February 22

March 22

April 26

May 24

June 21

July 19

August 23

September 20

October 18

November 15

December 20


Train The Trainer (Instructor Training)

The 1-day “Train Your Trainer” course can be taken in our monthly open enrollment classes in Renton, Washington, or done on your site. The student will be involved in 4-hours of actual presentation time, which is fundamental in getting confidence in presenting to forklift operators.  The trainers must come with the experience on the equipment they will be training on.

The following Training Materials are included in your tuition:

  • Instructor Manual
  • Classroom Video (in DVD)
  • ALL Instructor Forms(ability to customize!)
  • 14 Full Color Teaching Posters
  • 10 Full Color Operator Manuals with Wallet Cards and Laminates
  • Stability Stainless Steel Model
  • Miniature Pallets for for demonstration
  • Combined Center of Gravity Model
  • Load Center Model
  • Linde teaching model
  • Teaching Ball Set
  • Freakin’ Forklift Freddie
  • Stay back 4 feet-sticker

The tuition is $1,095 with the Training Materials Kit.

Recertification Class 2018 Schedule

Our recertification classes will now be done during the first half of the Train the Trainer class.  Sign up HERE

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