A Tradition of Safety

Bottom Line Training Services is a family-owned and operated business. The founders, Nick Barta and Jason Barta created Bottom Line Training Services in 1998 because current forklift training programs were ineffective in providing good materials, teaching methods, and most importantly, safer forklift drivers.

From the beginning, Bottom Line has offered the most effective visual behavior-changing program in the training industry. The teaching methods are cutting-edge, and have been taught in other national industries as well.

Success Stories

Some of the greatest compliments received come from experienced forklift instructors who have attended other train the trainer courses. Here are a few examples of their comments…

“I was tentative coming to your course, as I was already a certified trainer for forklift operators. I have never been to a course before that prepared me so well to present material to a class. Thanks!”

“No one does it better. Keep being the leader in innovative ways of teaching and keep creating the world’s safest forklift drivers.”

The scope of the training offered ranges from on-site operator training, to national accounts, such as Costco, where Bottom Line builds a company-specific training program.